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He fulfilled his own prediction, dying of pleurisy on the 14th of July A few Greek MSS. Richard, who was a fellow of Trinity, at his death in left the papers to the college library. The books, containing in many cases valuable manuscript notes, were purchased by the British Museum. Of his personal habits some anecdotes are related by his grandson, Richard Cumberland, in vol.

He did not take up the habit of smoking till he was seventy. He held the archdeaconry of Ely with two livings, but never obtained higher preference in the church.

The Upland Murders

Bentley was the first, perhaps the only, Englishman who can be ranked with the great heroes of classical learning, although perhaps not a great classical scholar. But Selden, a man of stupendous learning, wanted the freshness of original genius and confident mastery over the whole region of his knowledge. He opened a new path.

With him criticism attained its majority. The modern German school of philology does ungrudging homage to his genius. Dawes, J. Markland, J. Taylor, J. Toup, T. Tyrwhitt, Richard Porson, P. Dobree, Thomas Kidd and J. Monk, was the creation of Bentley. Bentley was a source of inspiration to a following generation of scholars.

Himself, he sprang from the earth without forerunners, without antecedents. Self-taught, he created his own science. It was his misfortune that there was no contemporary gild of learning in England by which his power could be measured, and his eccentricities checked. In the Phalaris controversy his academical adversaries had not sufficient knowledge to know how absolute their defeat was. The attacks upon him by Pope, John Arbuthnot and others are evidence of their inability to appreciate his work. To them, textual criticism seemed mere pedantry and useless labour. It was not only that he had to live with inferiors, and to waste his energy in a struggle forced upon him by the necessities of his official position, but the wholesome stimulus of competition and the encouragement of a sympathetic circle were wanting.

In a university where the instruction of youth or the religious controversy of the day were the only known occupations, Bentley was an isolated phenomenon, and we can hardly wonder that he should have flagged in his literary exertions after his appointment to the mastership of Trinity. All his vast acquisitions and all his original views seem to have been obtained before After this period he acquired little and made only spasmodic efforts—the Horace , the Terence and the Milton. The prolonged mental concentration and mature meditation, which alone can produce a great work, were wanting to him.

Wolf, Literarische Analekten , i. Wordsworth See also J. Sandys, History of Classical Scholarship , ii. Bartholomew and J. Clark Cambridge, With his brother Samuel , an antiquarian of some repute, he set up a printing establishment, but in he began business as a publisher in partnership with Henry Colburn in New Burlington Street. Colburn retired in and Bentley continued business on his own account. Richard Bentley died on the 10th of September See also R. His father, an Englishman of refinement and scholarship, died in , leaving the boy under the influence of a very superior mother, from whom he received lessons in book learning, piety and temperance quite unusual in the frontier country.

The family removed, probably in this year, to a large tract of land which had been acquired by the father on the outskirts of the Indian country at Benton Town, now Leipers Fork near Franklin, Tennessee.

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  5. The following years, during which Benton was at various times school teacher, farmer, lawyer and politician, were the distinctively formative period of his life. His intense democracy and many features of his boldly cast personality were perfectly representative of the border people among whom he lived; although his education, social standing and force of character placed him above his fellows. In he served a term as state senator. Between and he transferred his interests to St Louis, Missouri, and in was elected United States senator from the new state.

    His senatorial career of thirty years was one of extreme prominence. In all that concerned the expansion of the country and the fortunes of the West no public man was more consistent or more influential than Benton, and none so clear of vision. He once thought the Rocky Mountains the proper western limit of the United States , but this view he soon outgrew. He was the originator of the policy of homestead laws by which the public lands were used to promote the settlement of the west by home-seekers.

    No other man was so early and so long active for transcontinental railways. But Benton was not a land-grabber, whether in the interest of slavery or of mere jingoism.

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    He despised pretexts and intrigues. Both in the case of Oregon and in that of Texas, though one of the earliest and most insistent of those who favoured their acquisition, yet in the face of southern and western sentiment he denounced the sordid and devious intrigues and politics connected with their acquisition, and kept clear of these. For the same reason he opposed the Mexican War, though not its prosecution once begun.

    In the Texas question slavery was prominent. Toward slavery Benton held a peculiarly creditable attitude. The truth is that he was always a westerner before he was a southerner and a union man before all things else; he was no whit less national than Webster. Hence his distrust and finally hatred of Calhoun, dating from the nullification episode of Though he despised political inaction Abolitionists, and hated their propaganda as inimical to the Union, he would not therefore close the national mails to Abolition literature, nor abridge the right of petition. He would not drift with her for the sake of slavery, and this was his political undoing.

    In Missouri rejected him in his sixth candidacy for the Senate, after he had been an autocrat in her politics for thirty years. In he was elected to the House of Representatives, but his opposition to the repeal of the Missouri Compromise caused his defeat in An unsuccessful campaign for the governorship of Missouri in ended his political career. He died at Washington on the 10th of April His political principles—whether as regarded lobbying, congressional jobbing, civil service or great issues of legislation and foreign affairs—were of the highest.

    He was so independent that he had great dislike for caucuses, and despised party platforms—although he never voted any but the Democratic ticket, even when his son-in-law, J. His career shows no truckling to self-interest, and on large issues he outgrew partisanship. Although palpably inferior to each of his great senatorial colleagues, Webster, Clay and Calhoun, in some gifts, yet if character, qualities and career be taken in the whole his were possibly the most creditable of all.

    Benton was austere, aggressive and vain; besides, he had a fatal deficiency of humour. Nevertheless he had great influence, which was a deserved tribute to his ability and high character. He acted always with uncalculating boldness, and defended his acts with extraordinary courage and persistence. He also compiled an Abridgment of the Debates of Congress , 16 vols.

    All were written in the last eight years of his life and mostly in the last three.

    e-Neighbors City of South Pasadena January Edition

    The best biography is that by W. One mile south-east of the city are a sanitarium and the Eastman mineral springs; within the city also there are springs and bath-houses. Near the city is a communistic religious community, the Israelite House of David, founded in , the members believe that they are a part of the , elect Revelation, vii, xiv ultimately to be redeemed. Benton Harbor has a large trade in fruit peaches, grapes, pears, cherries, strawberries, raspberries and apples and other market garden produce raised in the vicinity.

    Benton Harbor, which was known as Bronson Harbor until , was incorporated as a village in , was chartered as a city in , and in received a new charter. Its principal peaks are and ft. The pass, though comparatively unvisited, offers the grandest scenery in the district.

    Technical Sessions

    It was first isolated in and was the subject of an important investigation by J. Liebigin Annalen , , 22, p. It occurs naturally in the form of the glucoside amygdalin C 20 H 27 NO 11 , which is present in bitter almonds, cherries, peaches and the leaves of the cherry laurel; and is obtained from this substance by hydrolysis with dilute acids:.

    It occurs free in bitter almonds, being formed by an enzyme decomposition of amygdalin q. It may also be prepared by oxidizing benzyl alcohol with concentrated nitric acid; by distilling a mixture of calcium benzoate and calcium formate; by the condensation of chlor-oxalic ester with benzene in the presence of aluminium chloride, the ester of the ketonic acid formed being then hydrolysed and the resulting acid distilled:.

    Etard, Berichte , , 17, pp. Technically it is prepared from toluene, by converting it into benzyl chloride, which is then heated with lead nitrate:. Jacobsen has also obtained benzaldehyde by heating benzal chloride with glacial acetic acid:.