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  2. a home for the practice of life and chinese medicine
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Our approach is rooted in one simple truth: bodies, minds, and hearts continually seek greater health and wholeness. Dragon Rises Center for Wholeness exists because we trust in this wisdom—and we trust that you have that wisdom inside you. We know that the body gets stymied in its efforts to heal—or, sometimes, even just to make it through the day! But we also trust that dise-ease often presents us with the a trailhead leading back to our truest selves. Enliven your healing.

Access deeper resources. You are whole. Pascal Khoo Thwe. Bruce Herschensohn. Francine Klagsbrun. Joseph Kim. Eric Lomax. Sujatha Gidla.

What you need to know about Chinese Dragon Tattoos - Chronic Ink

Loung Ung. Gary Linderer.

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Kuan Yew Lee. DK Eyewitness. Inaba Bunrei. Weiwei Zhang. Alan Klima. David Lochbaum.

Understanding Chinese Dragons - Also, Are They Real?

Philip Mansel. Paul Ham.

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a home for the practice of life and chinese medicine

Qais Akbar Omar. Martin Jacques. Duncan McPherson. Katherine Boo.

Fler böcker av Mark Kumara

These knots of happiness are the eternity symbol of the figure eight. Use the mystic knot to hang various feng shui cures such as wind chimes and coins. You may wear or use specific Chinese characters , such as the ones for health, wealth and other auspicious words. Select a good luck pendant necklace or place a Chinese character in its correlating sector, such as the health east or wealth southeast sectors.

You can capitalize on the two traditional auspicious colors to attract good luck. Red is the royal and national color that translates to wealth and power.


Black is a color of wealth. The combination of red and black are considered auspicious in feng shui applications. You can also use Chinese lucky numbers in your home to convey the energies they attract. Use can also use these lucky numbers as a guide for selecting your next home address, phone number and other instances where a number is needed.

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Each number vibrates to a specific energy that you can tap into and take advantage of its chi energy. These and other symbols of good luck can be used in feng shui applications as powerful cures and enhancers for activating chi energy. Pay attention to the material the symbol is made from and place it in the appropriate sector of water, wood, fire, earth or metal. If you adhere to feng shui principles, you can significantly improve your life and your luck.

Calligraphy Characters for Fu. Imperial Dragon. Suan Ni. Lucky Golden Cat.

Three Coins With Ribbon. Wealth Pot.