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How To Make Potato Leek Soup
  1. The Ultimate Pancakes Recipe -
  2. Homemade gourmet burgers
  3. The Ultimate Pancakes
  4. Noni’s Bran Muffins with Date Puree
The Guide To Making Insanely Smooth Purées Out Of Anything

Leave this field empty. I love your recipes.

I laughed when I read your comment for these bangers and mash. And this one looks great.

The Ultimate Pancakes Recipe -

Thanks a bunch! I used merlot and black pepper sausages , increased the onions to 3 and used a little more flour and stock. So tasty. We all loved it. So easy and so good! My husband said he would drink the gravy!!

We used German sausage from our local butcher. I will make this for company and family get togethers forever. You are an awesome cook that made me look great too.

Homemade gourmet burgers

Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Nom, Nom, Nom so good. Tasted like a good old hearty pub meal and everyone loved it. Such a cheap family meal too. Thank you for another fantastic recipe!!! So we kind of cheated a bit. Also, Dozer is too cute!

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Thanks so much for the feedback Zanaida! Thank you. It takes a lot of constant work. Add small amounts of flour at a time and small amounts of liquid at a time.

The Ultimate Pancakes

My mom used a metal spoon in her iron skillet i use a fork so that it really has a whisk and mash effect. But the mashing and stirring is constant until lumps are gone. Also your heat cant be high. On electric cooktops i found it harder but kept it real low. Im happy to have gas stovetop again. Also once i cheated and added the flour to cool broth until it was lump free and it worked pretty good. I made Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy with side of green beans for my three sons my husband and I.

We all loved the meal I prepared. We used chicken sausage and it was amazing! I thought I invented this recipe years ago. Gotta give this gravy a try.

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I made your onion gravy with our sausages tonight and it was so tasty and very easy. Great recipe, but Bangers and Mash refers to sausages and mashed potato — although the gravy is a key accompaniment.

Furikake lamb rack with carrot-ginger puree

The steam that built up as the sausages cooked caused the skins to pop and bang in the pan. The onion gravy was amazing, my sausage choice not so much. This recipe was delicious, though and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quick meal! I was super excited about that. Your recipe did the trick! It was delicious. Added some bacon and whole grain mustard to the gravy and it was amazing. Thanks for the recipe! Thanks Joe will try this next time. Another triumph — absolutely delicious Nagi — you are the best. I was told by a butcher once if you have trouble with them sticking early just give the actual sausages a light spray with olive oil before cooking them….

You can make steel pans non stick by treating them with oil. There is particular way to do it and it works amazingly! Nothing will ever stick to your pan again not even eggs! There are tutorials on youtube. Skip to primary navigation Skip to footer navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Subscribe to receive three free recipe ebooks Sign Up.

Noni’s Bran Muffins with Date Puree

Blog View Japanese Recipes Contact. Bangers and Mash I have to hand it to the Brits, they come up with great names for food. And Bangers and Mash. Why is it called Bangers and Mash? Onion Gravy The onion gravy is what really makes this sausage recipe. As it heats up, it will thicken into a gravy consistency. Served with mild Italian chicken sausages on toasted French bread and red grapes. This is one of my go to soups to make as soon as fall begins — made my first batch last night.

It is so delicious and easy to make. I always make extra, freeze it and reheat on stove top. My family loves it. Thank you for sharing! And so easy. I make batches and freeze it. This was really, really good. It was just the thing to make and eat on a chilly fall day. What I loved about making it was that I used store bought broth — I used the chicken. When I have made soup in the past, by the time I make the stock and the soup I no longer want to eat it.

I followed the recipe exactly with two exceptions — I did not use low sodium broth — I used the regular; and at the end I added about half a cup of cream. Just delicious and easy to make. Hi Jenn, love your recipes and looking forward to trying this one out! Just curious to ask, how does your Le Creuset fare with the stick blender in your photo above? We have a new cast iron pot and scared to use the stick blender for the soup!

Thanks heaps Jenn. Hope you enjoy the soup! Thanks Jenn, the soup was hearty and just perfect with garlic bread for a chilly night, love your recipes! Years ago I had a recipe now lost for Potato Leek Asparagus soup and it was delicious! If I wanted to add Asparagus to this recipe at what point would I do so?

Loved your recipe!