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He piles on the words, his trademark fast-paced, choppy monologues becoming poetic, almost singsong, as he takes us to the deep south of America and shows us the worst of racism and prejudice. But in many ways this is a hopeful book. I had a very different take on this book.

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To me, it was a story of slavery - and of the brave warriors who break free. The author examined the fact that oppression beats down masters and slaves alike. His heroes - no matter what their color - are those who dare to break free of their prison. Post a Comment. Wednesday, December 03, Newer Post Older Post Home.

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With Father's Day this upcoming Sunday you forgot, huh? And you, reader, are going to be the one to decide. It's why we came up with a list of 16 of our favorite TV dads criteria: they had to appear on shows we still actually like and put them head-to-head in a tournament of champions.

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Cast your vote for Round 1 now. Voting closes at 8 P. ET Or don't. It doesn't matter. Carl Winslow Family Matters : Carl is as dad as you can get. A cop, a blue collar worker, a salt of the earth man who raises his kids with love, respect, and discipline.

He's sometimes a little old school he won't let Laura go to a concert that Eddie can go to, even though Laura is more responsible! He eventually ends up in a balloon with Steve Urkel, who he was a father figure to even though Steve annoyed the shit out him.

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Good dad. He's a sensitive dad willing to get on his daughters' emotional level and he emphasizes fairness and sisterly devotion above all else. He also has a corny-as-all-hell morning show and lives in a literal palace in San Francisco.

Danny Tanner is the dad joke icon of the '90s, and a total clean freak, which was honestly leaned on a little too hard on the show. It's tough to call, but Carl may have the advantage here because of his willingness to be a father figure to children who aren't his, whereas Danny did the opposite, enlisting other men to co-parent. That said, America's favorite nudie bar lovin' shoe salesman who once scored four touchdowns in one game is a fuck-up dad icon all the same, thanks mostly to the unwavering fealty he has for a family he secretly adores. Could go either way.

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Eric "Coach" Taylor Friday Night Lights : Generally kept in line by his eye-rolling wife Tami Taylor, Eric Taylor is a hard-ass father of daughters and a football coach who teaches men how to repair their home lives. Tale of the Tape: Both of these guys have a catchphrase. Only one of them inspired a cottage industry of tank tops.

Learned how to make and sell crystal meth so his family would be well-off when he croaked, only that didn't go so hot. Drives a shitty Pontiac Aztek.