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I'm a work in progress ForeverMama 1, 3. Mar 23, So glad this forum has started. I bought my 1st Christmas gift and I've wrapped it!

It is a gift for my daughter and knowing my kids they are going to be all curious if I put their names on the tags, so I've devised a code that they will not be able to figure it out. I haven't done much else, but I'm focused and it's in my brain and that's the first step. Your code sounds great. My stepmom did that one year. All of the presents had name tags with a type of tree It ended up really fun when everyone found out which tree they were. LifeIsGood 4, 1, 1. Jun 21, How fun! Thank you for starting this thread, Vic. Cracking up at needing a bottle of wine I was reading those sites and another one for meal prep!

It's going to help me to read the 'short versions' here - by seeing what you are all doing each week. I can check off my pantry, thanks to my daughter.

Grand Canyon during Christmas break...first time visiting - Grand Canyon National Park Forum

She cleaned it out and threw out a ton when she was home for Christmas break. Linky 5, 3, 3. Jun 22, I'm still struggling with storage space since we moved into our little condo almost 3 yrs ago now. There is no linen closet, but a large walk-in closet in our bedroom and a fairly large closet in the guest room. My linens are stored in dressers in those closets. There are still umpteen Rubbermaid bins scattered in the bedrooms and in the garage. I know, I know "do one box a day" but it's not that simple! My Christmas stuff is all organized - got rid of a lot of that stuff too!

But, as I'm typing, I'm looking at my partially stripped tree, so off I go to let Christmas finally be over!! I love the tree names for gift tags! Nancys Pantry. Nancys Pantry 20K 4, 2.

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Jun 17, Why am I resisting getting organized?? I know -- because you enjoy procrastinating and waiting until the last minute. The first thing is to get rid of cookbooks too ashamed to say how many which I have collected for the last 40 years started at age 10 - for those counting on your fingers right now.

Not sure if I should donate them to the local library, women's shelter storefront, garage sale or back to half-price books who won't give me anymore than pennies for them.

All She Wants For Christmas - Annie Claydon - Google Books

I'll be back -- famous last words. I just re-read this thread. Weren't we all wishful for getting organized in !! I notice that there hasn't been a single post since mid January I'm trying to get back on track again. I have white kitchen cabinets and am fairly good about cleaning the outsides about once a month But I don't do the insides often enough.

I've spent the last few days emptying them out, cleaning everything, and re-organizing. Much bigger chore than I remembered. I didn't realize that my spice jars and unused dishes could get so gunky! Not sure why My grandson has decided that he wants to host Thanksgiving this year.

Grand Plan

He's really proud of the house that he's renting and I think wants to show it off. I want to start cooking ahead where I can and put things in the freezer. I have a couple of cookie recipes in the freezer already that should last that long. Fingers crossed. And so What are your plans? Please don't hesitate to tell your fails For more information please review our cookie policy. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected.

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Dec Sales Ended. Event description. Put on your best holiday onesies, Santa suits, ugly sweaters, and elf costumes and get ready to crawl! If you can't make it by 4pm have a friend pick everything up for you and they will need to have your ticket.

Screenshots will not work, it must be the actual ticket. Tickets are transferable and not refundable. You can give your ticket to a friend to use if you cannot attend the event. They will pick up at The BOB and follow a route that will be posted on the event page and ticketing page. You must have purchased a ticket to use the bus transportation. We will have several vehicles stopping at or near each bar in a specific order. We will not make any stops aside from the bars in the rotation.

You may ride on a vehicle only if the onboard security personnel deems there to be room. Use of emergency exits for non-emergency purposes will result in your immediate ban from the use of the provided transportation services. Along the way, the HGP tackles holiday preparations, too. Whether it's gifts, decor or holiday meals, you'll be organized and ready for the holidays before they arrive.

To guide you, you'll make a Christmas planner notebook to simplify your holidays. Free printable checklists and calendars make it easy to plan your progress and organize each week's goals. Your planner will become your road map for an organized holiday season Best of all?

Next season you'll start ahead of the game, thanks to the notes, records and reminders you'll tuck into your planner as you work the HGP. Ready to create an organized Christmas? Holiday Grand Plan kicks off on Sunday, September 1! Want to follow the Holiday Grand Plan via email? Get email alerts when we post new stories, courtesy of Google's FeedBurner service.