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  1. American Dream: Tale of Two Malls - The Robin Report
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Instead, it has been modelled on the original s enclosed mall concept. It will offer:.

American Dream: Tale of Two Malls - The Robin Report

Are you convinced yet? According to Triple Five, a bevy of prestige brands have drunk the Kool-Aid. Triple Five, along with its presumptive retail tenants, are anticipating both a regional and global clientele — locals from suburban Bergen County an area already drastically overstored , day-trippers from the five boroughs of NYC and global tourists to the Big Apple seeking an over-the-top experience.

I believe there are two divergent points of view:.

While evidence-based approaches can provide inspiration for a community struggling to tackle a problem, they come with the dual dangers of undervaluing local contexts and overlooking new methods. Top-down reporting requirements restrict rather than support service providers.

A clear theory of change can be helpful for service providers, but too often we see grantees subject to overcomplicated reporting of metrics set by their funders.

Wins Shopping Mall Launches First Store In Vijayawada - A Story

At best, these metrics help tell a story of impact, but at worst, they force grantees to change their models and can lead to decreased levels of motivation among staff. Wigan Council found success in an alternative approach , offering flexible community grants rather than prescriptive funding for services.

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Outcomes are emergent properties of complex systems that we simply cannot force through more rigorous measuring. We can create the conditions from which outcomes can emerge, but we should not start assigning blame or withdrawing funding when targeted outcomes are not met due to unforeseen circumstances. Adaptive experimentation among a group of trusted partners is much more likely to lead to positive impact than adherence to rigid outcomes set by those in a position of power. It admittedly has been confusing having my view of the world upended by new experiences, but I think a worthwhile pursuit and reflection.

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I realize my original assumptions resulted less from the hands-on testing of hypotheses I intended, but rather from a selective seeking out of evidence that validates my thinking. I wanted to share how my thinking has changed for two reasons. First, in case others are similarly wrestling between these different views and seeking another perspective.

West Edmonton Mall

And second, more selfishly, to get out of the old echo chamber, gain diverse perspectives, and ultimately avoid the confirmation bias trap that led me to my original beliefs! To the second point, if others on the interwebs have experiences and perspectives that challenge or add nuance to my own, please do reach out or leave a comment!

Our narrator tells us that malls were "the social, spiritual, and shopping meccas" of life and while that's not exactly wrong, it's not exactly accurate in our current moment. Malls have found themselves slipping out of fashion in recent years which makes the issue's next point—that malls endure, making them a perfect place to ride out the apocalypse—moot.

Shopping mall

In many cities across America, malls are shutting down and even being demolished with near-regularity these days. Already Mall 1 doesn't quite seem to make sense and we haven't arrived at the story yet.

If you get past all of that, the narrator speaks as someone generations removed from the end of the world, then the current action of the story will probably lose you—and I don't mean the creepy opening action sequence involving a gang of oddly masked figures and implied infanticide. The story quickly tries to set itself up as a Mad Max meets Mallrats pitch and as a critique on consumer culture. In Mall , the factions name themselves after their "favorite" retailers. Our protagonist, Andre, comes from the "Gacy's" faction and it's not too much of a stretch to guess what retailer they're mapping that name onto.

Each faction also appears to take on elements of the retailer's image. There's a group that looks like walking caricatures of Hot Topic and others appear permanently clothed in old food court uniforms, their identities tied to hot dogs and pretzels of a long gone culture. Unfortunately, beyond the interesting visual interpretation of consumer culture mashed up with an apocalyptic setting, there's not much to the story that makes sense.

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